Who we are?

 about us At LAIGU we produce solutions for the computing needs of our customers. We do this by combining our expertise in the field of Information Technology with the effort to understand and help our clients business. We are a company that gives its customers the experience, knowledge and infrastructure that allows them to evolve in their maket, reaching new goals.
We believe that transparency and collaboration is the best way to advance a project and achieve succes. Therefore LAIGU has a team of engineers who form the most important asset of the company each with complementary skills and specialize in an area of computer engineering all of them with a clear vision of the project technical side and its bussiness side. We also employ a method of development that involves the customer in the working group by providing more information about the needs to cover and verify that we are building what is demanded.

For ten years we have been building software; over the years we have developed multiple applications for a wide spectrum of clients from travel agencies and retail shops to big companies or hardware manufacturers. In these projects we have always opted for the technologies closer to current standards providing continuity and flexibility to our customers. We do not believe that a fully customized and unique solution is a good solution for most computing needs. We think that it is better to build on existing open software systems and focus on the specific problem of our client and release to comunity any improvements made to existing software pieces.